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Conestogas Shipping

Conestoga flatbed trailers are constructed with sides and ends to handle shifting loads. The tarp system makes Conestoga flatbeds ideal for safely hauling steel, lumber, machinery, and all palletized loads across the nation.

Conestoga step deck carriers move oversized and heavy weight freight efficiently thanks to our professional logistics experts. Transport your shipment quickly across state or international borders with our FTL shipping solutions. Contact us today for more information on our flatbed trailers.

Conestoga flatbeds are ideal for safely when hauling steel, lumber, machinery, and pallet loads across the nation. Conestoga trailers are a very convenient choice for many large shipping loads since it gives you the flexibility to load and unload your goods in a number of ways. You can unload your Conestoga trailer goods from the side or from above using a crane or other equipment.