Think of Us as Your Partner for All of Your Everyday & Special Shipments.

"We’re your carrier".
Complex custom shipping. On-time deliveries.  Proactive communication.

Customized PEI Shipping is the ‘One Stop for All Your Shipping Needs’.

We want to be the one stop for all you freight needs, whether it’s Construction Freight, Job Site Delivery, DOD or Conestogas we got you covered…

At PEI, we understand what you do because we’ve done it too.

Our team knows what it’s like to be at the back of the warehouse. From making operations decisions to scheduling deliveries, we’re well versed in the challenges you face every day.

We also know that you matter – that the work you do every day has an impact on business performance and, ultimately, on people’s lives.
When you’re faced with a seemingly impossible shipment that requires multiple contacts and a very tight, highly specific delivery schedule, we make the impossible possible. We do it because we understand how important your shipment is and how important you are to your company.

Basically, we do what we do because we care about you.

PEI Custom Shipping

Do you have full truckload shipments with custom requirements?
Are you tired of freight not being delivered on time?
Would you describe your shipping needs as “impossible?”
Are you looking for a reliable LTL carrier for complicated orders?